Retrieve path of "Choose File"

Hello dear forum!

I just registered, so please be kind :slight_smile:
I am feeling a pretty dumb, I recently started ASOC, but I cant figure out how to solve this.

Simple situation: I have a button, which opens a file-browser and wants you to select a file.
Then the POSIX file path is transfered to a textfield. Later I want to retrieve the text of the textfield.

property TextField: missing value

on chooseFile_(sender)
        set file to choose file of type {"app"}
        TextField's setStringValue_(POSIX path of file)
end chooseFile_

So, this is my code.
Lets say I want to have another button which simply shows the value of “TextField”

on button_(sender)
     display dialog "The value is" & TextField
end button_

But this doesn’t work, I also tried “& TextField’s StringValue”.
So how do you retrieve any value of properties?


welcome to MacScripter.

file is a reserved word, so just use theFile or something similar.

property textField: missing value

on chooseFile_(sender)
set theFile to choose file of type {"app"}
textField's setStringValue_(POSIX path of theFile)
end chooseFile_

Note: conforming to the naming convention variables and instances (like textField) are supposed to start with a lowercase letter


Ok, good to know. Well I used these names as an example; in my app they have other names

your second example:

on button_(sender)
display dialog "The value is " & textField's stringValue() as text
end button_

Great, that does work. Thank you very much :slight_smile: