Retrieving an iTunes playlist name as a variable

Hello all - I’ve searched high and low (here, google, Apple) to fix a simple problem. I’m sure I’ll facepalm when I read any responses, but that’s okay. :slight_smile:

If I have an iTunes playlist object as output from an action, how do I get the playlist’s name? All of the actions I’ve tried end up taking the playlist contents (track list) as input, rather than its name.

I do need the track list, which I’m going to modify and save as a text file. So that’s good.

But, I want to save that text file as “[NameOfPlaylist].m3u”. To do that, I need the playlist’s name in a variable. If I pipe the playlist object into a “Set Variable” action, the variable then contains the track list. I guess that’s expected.

The only way I’ve found that works is to send the playlist ‘object’ to a . Then a new open document has just the playlist name in it. (I can then send the document’s content to a variable.) Problem is, now I have a useless unsaved TextEdit document open. I could just quit TextEdit without saving, but, you know… “whoops, sorry about your term paper I just clobbered”.

I can’t find any other way to get the name of the playlist into a variable.

Am I missing something? I can’t even find a reference on the ‘net as to what various Automator actions’ input and output types are. :confused:

Thanks for any help you may be able to give!