Retrieving results from 'do shell script'

Hello everyone!

I’m working on quite a script for work (we’re unix based in-house, laptops are mac’s and handling a large amount of machines). So what I’m trying to do is run a script that helps simplify the majority, if not all, the day-to-day tasks and with that I need to retrieve information from the ‘do shell script’ and continue processing from there. Anyone got any ideas on how to do this?


Model: Macbook Pro Early 2015
AppleScript: 2.4
Browser: Google Chrome 43
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.10)

Do Shell Script automatically sends back the result in “the Result”.
or You can also have it put into a variable like this

set resultvar to do shell script "The Command"

where “resultvar” is the variable you want to contain the result
(btw - you can use any variable name)

What command do you want to use in the shell script?