Return list of running application

In OS X, I am easily able to return a list of the running applications using:

Tell "System Events"
set list of runningApps to ... 

and so on…

However, I am not sure how to do this in OS 9. Any ideas?


You said ‘and so on’. Can you provide a complete script?


Hi, myscripter.

You use the Finder instead. You can either get the ‘processes’ generically or specify ‘application processes’ or ‘desk accessory processes’. (I don’t think you’re likely to find many in the last category.) The OS 9 Finder doesn’t list itself amongst its processes. You just have to assume that if you get a result, the Finder’s running. :wink:

tell application "Finder"
	{name of processes, name of application processes, name of desk accessory processes}
end tell

Hi all
How can I get all active processes of user “xyz” in a list?