returning value of a NSDatePicker Control

Please assist me with gettin the date value of a DatePicker (NSDatePicker). At least I found a way to get it´s value as string using

myDatePicker’s stringValue()

unfortunately, this does not work for me (unexpectedly):

myDatePicker’s dateValue()

It is part of my ASOC Testaction, therefore I also have a parameter value, but I cannot read it either (valueForKey_() or as a record´s property).

dateValue() should work. Are you sure your problem is that it’s not working, or are you expecting it to return something you can coerce to an AS date (which it doesn’t)?

Indeed, coercing is the problem. I didn´t expect trouble here.

Now as I knew where to search I found you last year’s response on a similar question. Thank you!