Revert back to space 1 in Spaces

Hi, I was just wondering if it’s possible to write a script that will revert back to space #1 in Spaces once a running app has been closed in another space. thanks

You might try some of the tools in this Spaces Library by Jonn8. Moving from space to space and the applications tied to a space are among its handlers.

i opened the script up in my editor and ran the script. the only thing this script does is assign the “Script Editor” to a space of your choosing. since i’m new to applescripts i have no idea how to change the script to my liking. i was unsure how to save the script, i tried whatever was listed but the app never stayed open. if someone can help me out with this script and point out the parts i need to change, i would like have the ability to revert back to space 1 if an app in another window is closed. thanks