Review: How to Install AppleScripts or JXA Scripts

Review comments are solicited for this draft article I just published:
How to Install AppleScripts or JXA Scripts

I wrote this article after having extensively searched the Internet for such an article, but found nothing really focused on just the installation/use of scripts. From time to time I publish AppleScript (and hopefully soon JXA) scripts for others to use. Many times the users have little to no familiarity with AppleScript. So, I have endeavored to provide a simple, succinct set of instructions on how to install and use scripts written by others.

So, I very much would like to have review comments from people who have rarely, if ever, used AppleScript to moderate users to script developers. Please help me improve these instructions for everyone’s benefit.

Please feel free to post your comments here.

Many thanks to all that respond.

Best Regards,

I think it is a good start, but with too few images. I have found that users wishing to explore the world AppleScript for the first time appreciate more visual instructions over a bunch of words.

I also think that providing links to other websites for explanation of basic things is a fail. Sending someone to to describe the Mac home folder is a mistake, in my opinion. Of course, the explanation is a pretty poor choice as well, but your other screenshots are so nice, why not make one with a Finder window and some diagrams?

I was once a beginner, and remember the challenge of learning basic information. It is very difficult to be an experienced user and devise any kind of tutorial for someone else, since we tend to forget that not everyone knows even the basics of folders, files, applications, etc. Neither Apple nor Microsoft provide ANY kind of explanatory foundational information; they are both developing for the User that has no interest in doing anything other than what their respective developers provide.

It is what it is. Those of us that wish to help people learn to do more with their machines are now responsible for teaching them even the basics of what is going on behind the GUI.


Thanks for your feedback. I need to think it through and determine how to best incorporate your comments.

I’m trying to strike a balance between being succinct with words and having helpful screenshots.
I think it works differently for different people. I’ve seen some web pages that go way overboard with images so much that it’s hard to maintain the train of thought.

But I hear ya. The right screenshots at the right time are very helpful.
Please let me know if there is a specific point/step where you think a screenshot would be really helpful.

However, I’m not sure I understand your concern about using links to other sites.
I use links to allow the user to get more info if they want, but without getting off on a side track.
I did look at Apple and others for a good, basic, succinct page on the Home folder, and the seemed to be the best. If you have another page that is better, please share.

Thanks again for your feedback. Much appreciated.