'Review Photos' Automator action

Hello -

I’m hoping to find a way to click through an iPhoto album and, using the Apple remote, mark photos as either keepers or not (sending rejects to separate album). I’ve used the ‘Review Photos’ action and it works fine except that it’s a relatively small preview and doesn’t interact with the remote at all. As far as I can tell, there is no way to assign scripts or keyboard commands to the buttons in the action when run. I have tried using Remote Buddy’s mouse functions to ‘click’ on the buttons in the interface, but it’s obviously clunky. Also, the preview presented is still small from 6-8 feet away.

Can anyone give me any better ideas on how to do this? I think I can write a GUI Applescript to click on each button I want and then assign those to Apple remote keys, but that also seems clunky. Is there source available for Apple automator actions?

Thanks in advance for your help.


I think if you can find your action in the Finder, you can right-click (control-click) on it and choose “Show Package Contents”. Somewhere in there (usually in a “Scripts” subfolder) you should find an applescript called “main.scpt” which is the applescript version of the Automator action. hope that helps!

Update: Automator actions should be in your /System/Library/Automator folder (for the default scripts that come with your Mac), your /Library/Automator folder (for actions you’ve installed yourself that are available to all users), or your ~/Library/Automator folder (for actions you’ve installed for your user account only). In the case of “Review Actions”, it would be in /System/Library/Automator.

Update II: Unfortunately, it seems that Apple’s scripts are run-only. TextEdit will open them, but it translates some characters wierdly and basically doesn’t work. Bummer.