RGB Registration Marks

Here is an odd one, I have a script that I use to make Quark 6.5 PDF through distiller. It works great, but it wa just brought to my attention from my new printer that my registration marks are showing up as RGB. I know its not a big deal since they don’t print, but it is giving an error through there RIP system. So I checked my PDF using Pitstop and sure enough all PDf made using the script have RGB registration marks, I make a PDF manually with the same file and the marks are CMYK. Can’t figure this one out. Anybody else had this same problem or am I just missing something. Thanks in advance for any help.

Here is the script I’m using…

tell application "QuarkXPress Passport"
	tell front document
		set thePrinter to "Printergy"
		tell application "Printer Setup Utility"
			set current printer to first printer whose name is thePrinter
		end tell
		tell print setup
			set printer type to "Prinergy Refiner"
			set paper size to "custom"
			set paper width to "11.08"
			set paper height to "13.08"
			set paper offset to 0
			set page gap to 0
			set reduce or enlarge to "100%"
			set fit in area to false
			set page position to center position
			set orientation to portrait
			set separation to false
			set print spreads to false
			set include blank pages to false
			set print thumbnails to false
			set back to front to false
			set page sequence to all pages
			set registration marks offset to "15"
			set bleed to ".125"
			set tiling to off
			set data format to binary data
			set print colors to composite cmyk
			set print quality to normal
			set resolution to 2540
			set halftone screen to 200
		end tell
	end tell
	set file_name to (name of the front document) as text
	set file_path to path to the desktop as text
	set PSFILE_PATH to (file_path & file_name & ".ps") as text
	print front document PostScript file PSFILE_PATH
end tell

tell application "Finder"
	set FILE_CHECK to false
	repeat until FILE_CHECK is true
		if exists alias PSFILE_PATH then set FILE_CHECK to true
	end repeat
	delay 10
end tell

tell application "Acrobat Distiller"
	Distill sourcePath POSIX path of (path to home folder from user domain) & "Desktop/" & file_name & ".ps" adobePDFSettingsPath "/Library/Application Support/Adobe PDF/Settings/Prinergy Pages.joboptions" destinationPath POSIX path of (path to home folder from user domain) & "Desktop/Final AD PDFs"
end tell

tell application "QuarkXPress Passport"
	display dialog "Your PDF is on your desktop." buttons {"OK"} with icon 1 default button 1
end tell

set oldPrinter to "CANON-PRO_Print"
tell application "Printer Setup Utility"
	set current printer to first printer whose name is oldPrinter
end tell

I do not have either app so this is only a guess.

When you manually do the job are the settings you use the same as the ones below. Or is it using a different settings file?

Adobe PDF/Settings/Prinergy Pages.joboptions

I’m using the same distiller settings for both. This one has me stumped.