Right Clicking in Applescript..

Is this possible? I really hope so : / . IF it is can you please post the code. TY


the contextual menu provides (almost) all functions, which are also availabe in the “normal” menus,
that is at least accessible with UI scripting

I am sorry what is the contextual menu?

Browser: Firefox
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

the menu, which appears, when you ctrl-click (or right-click) :wink:


You sure the OP does not mean, Keystroke click using control down kind of thing.

No, I need to use it in a program and have tried the whole Holding the button down then click then release it, it never works are there any way’s around this, ALSO all the addon packages that add additional Applescript commands dont work it says like “[Program Here] does not understand this command” is there a way around that?

I have no idea at all, Mark, what the OP mean, I’m just guessing. :wink:
It’s quite hard to help with almost no information

Maybe there should be a (Help me help you help me ) form at the start of a new thread,
for anyone under a certain post number to fill in.
To get the required details from them.

Hi valmilu,

You should post an example of what you have tried so far and say what you want the script to do and exactly what happens when it doesn’t work.


Alright, I know I may not be err… very articulate as to my descriptions. Here is the Code I currently have:

tell application "Crawl" to activate
tell application "System Events"
	tell process "Crawl"
		key down command
		delay 5
		click at {527, 301}
		delay 5
		key up command
	end tell
end tell

Basically I want this script to Launch Crawl (Which works) then Hold down the Command key (The one with the little apple) wait 5 seconds click at 527,301 wait 5 seconds then let go of the command key. Why the command key? Because in this program it is the same as CTRL+Click in others (Which Generally brings up a menu) . Sorry for this description I don’t really have a way with words.

The only solution I have found is http://osaxen.com/files/autotypeandautoclick2.0.html but when I put one of the commands in a script it says “«script» doesn’t understand the AutoClick message.” but I write it jjust like its says to…

tell application "Crawl" to activate
HoldingCommandAutoClick(550, 660)