Rookie questions [Image Views, Tables etc.]

I’m new to AppleScript Studio (developer tools at all), just know some basic AppleScript stuff and nothing about Objective-C. (I bet you’re asking why I instaleed DevTools then - hehe).

I have some doubts…:

I’m creating an application that opens an image file and then set the contents of a Image View (NSImageView) to that image (so the image is displayed on that Image View). And then it gets the path to the image and adds it (the path) to a table, one path in each row.
So I added this (which is propably quite wrong) and it won’t work.

on clicked theObject
	global fileIMG, filePath
	set the fileIMG to open ("MacOSX:Users:fernando:Fernando:Flash MX.jpg")
	tell the application "Finder"
		open fileIMG
		set the filePath to the path to fileIMG
	end tell
	tell window of theObject
		copy filePath to the end of the scroll view "List"
		set the contents of the image view "Image01" to fileIMG as image
	end tell
end clicked

Anyone have some tips?
Thank you!