Is it possible to get something like RSA to work?

Good question. Has anyone written a RSA encryption script?

Please define ‘work’.

RSA authentication can be used to authenticate against a Mac OS X system, if you’re talking authentication.

Or maybe you’re talking encryption, in which case you can probably write an encryption algorithm in AppleScript, but it’s hardly ideal

Actually you can’t in applescript because trying decryption gives the error “the result of numerical operation was too large”.

However, thanks to “do shell script” you CAN pipe it to bc to run the big numbers. I wrote a simple RSA encryption application that doesn’t use secure RSA (I fear AppleScript+1024 bit primes), but it works. ( and should be able to use 1024 bit primes if supplied, however slow)

It does have a few problems as it can hang at decrypting if D is too large (I suggest a 4 digit D or less). Being applescript, it’s a little slow doing large texts, but simple stuff like “Hi!” or “I like cheese.” shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

I wrote two C programs to get E and D and used them as opposed to applescript because it was MUCH faster. Anyway, heres a link if you want to fiddle with it:

I’ll send the source upon request.

If you can’t download it, wait until US EST daylight time and try again, or wait a few minutes or hours and try since it’s hosted on my apache, a number of things could affect it.