This website is called MacScripter, yet it only covers Applescript. Is there a reason for this?

I was looking at the RubyOSA website the other day but haven’t tried it out. It does look like a nice, concise language.

Well, the site is mainly for Applescript and closely related items. There are plenty of splinter groups within the community, and you will see shell scripts, automator actions and other related items all being discussed.

Ruby-OSA is one such splinter which hasn’t built up a lot of steam. i think many would say that rb-appscript is more likely to catch on. (I believe there was a post on the Ruby mailing list in the last month that suggested that development on Ruby-OSA had dwindled and the rb-appscript was still alive and well…I’m not sure this is true, perhaps others can chime in) The downside to both of these is that you need to learn ruby to some degree. You also don’t have a great editor or debugger available for Ruby… Textwrangler is free but I found it somewhat tedious to use with ruby scripts. TextMate is primo, but not free. That is my text/ruby editor of choice. It is actually quite nice as an applescript editor also as the shortcut features really cut down on your typing and decrease the typos with variable names.

rb-appscript is pretty simple once you understand ruby, but I don’t think that many in this comunity are so interested in ruby… although Ruby does add some capabilities to Applescript which makes it appealing.


One reason it is not been covered here is that there have been no questions asking about. I think this is soon to change. There is a growing interest in this technology.



Further to Craig’s comment, I’d say that this bbs has always been about AppleScript because AppleScript has a long history, back to System 7. Now that there are alternatives with growing popularity and with bridges to Apple Events (there are several out there), I suspect a topic for them might be created. At its core, MacScripter is about scripting, and Ruby is a scripting language.

Time to delve into a new subject :smiley: After all when I first joined this board I knew nothing at all about AppleScript LOL