Rumor: Panther - Scriptable Printing Improved

If true, I hope this includes the oft requested ability to print to PDF via AppleScript.

set we_can_only_hope to paragraph 2 of these_rumors


Thoose fetaures are available from a ‘do shell script’, have a look to lpr,lp,lpstats,cancel, all thoose are inheritance from CUPS (common unix printing system). :wink:

Also look at

huuuuuuuuu, nice one (damm, If I was taking the time to read each time the manual to the end, i would be aware of such features !)

Yeah, and it’s all on your local drive. You can get to the pages via

this is interesting too

Seems like being able to make a PDF from the comand line is possible

I’d still like to see direct AppleScript support since it’s a bit tricky trying to explain AppleScript AND the shell to newbies who have never done more than click on UI widgets. :wink:

Thanks for the info!

– Rob

I’m sure that Apple will make it 10 times easier than using twelve 'do shell script 'to get the same result :smiley:

Well done Rob, this is it, I’ve been able to run the PDF service by making a Data Fork script. here is how i made it with osacompile :

set theText to yourScriptAsText
--removing tab, for a more readable command line
set theText to change tab into "" in theText
--every line should begin with -e 'theline'
set theText to change "^(.+)$" into "-e '\1'" in theText with regexp
--remove all returns
set theText to change return into " " in theText with regexp
set shellscript to "osacompile -d " & theText & " -o ~/Desktop/test.scpt"
do shell script shellscript

BTW congratulations for making your 1000th post recently :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent! I knew you would find a way. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I hadn’t noticed!

– Rob (the chatty one) :wink:

on idle
    tell application "Forum" to set nbPosts to count (get posts whose author name is "Rob")
    if (nbPosts mod 1000) is 0 then display dialog "Rob, you've made "& nbPosts&"!"
    if (nbPosts mod 100000) is 0 then display dialog "Rob it's time to change your keyboard !"
return 24*60*60
end idle

Hmmm, ‘Rob it’s time to change your keyboard !’. I guess that means I would be forced to pick up a new PowerBook!! Al-l-l-l-l-righty then! I guess I’d better pick up the post pace! :wink: