run an OS9 script from OSX

I want to run an Applescript from OS9.2.2 on a G3 by activating it from another computer (G4) running OS 10.3. The OS9 machine has file sharing on and I can access the volume from the OSX machine but I just can’t click on an applescript in either my OS10 machine or one on the OS9 machine hard drive and get results. Do I need a scripting addition for my OS 10 machine or…?


There’s no mounting involved. The client machine needs to accept remote events (Sharing system setup).

tell application “Finder” of machine “eppc://user:pass@machine_network_name”
say “Hi”
end tell

The app that you address has to be running, but you can get around this by having the finder on the remote machine open/call things for you. Check out the “using terms from command” and putting the name of the remote app in a variable supplied to the tell statement if you can’t get your calling script to compile.

I don’t know if there are issues related to the X talking to the 9. Never treied it, but it should work fine.

I’m sure there’s documentation for this or an example around here or on apple’s script site. Or you can get an AS book. They all explain it.