Run code at start

Hey guys, how do you, say, display a dialog at application start in app delegate?

You mean like

display dialog "Hello world!"

or is there something more to this request I’m missing?

Yeah like that. But in my app delegate, it doesn’t run at start, the ony way to run things is by on variable_(SENDER). Nothing runs outside of that.

put the code in the applicationWillFinishLaunching handler, in the AppleScriptObjC template that’s the first handler which gets called

Then it’s not the NSApplication’s delegate object :D. It’s not possible that an app delegate doesn’t work only that an delegate object is not properly assigned as the application’s delegate.

Display dialogs require event sending and receiving so I would suggest to use applicationDidFinishLaunching. Stefan’s suggestion is called first, true, but it may be called to early.

It does not, event handling starts after awakeFromNib() which is always called before applicationDidFinishLaunching()

Thahnks dude, it worked… (By the way I had tested it in Will Finish… Didn’t work)