Run JavaScript with AppleScript

Can I use the “do script” command via AppleScript in InDesign to run a JavaScript? Has anyone done this before?

I was thinking I could use this to get around a bug I’ve run into in InDesign where it will not let me activate a clipping path via applescript.

Any examples of such a thing would be very helpful.


for InDesign i dont try it. but i know that the modul “ScriptingListener” for photoshop records a javaString that u can use in AppleScript via:

do javascript “(yourJavaScript)”

maybe there is also a way for InDesign…

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I was hoping to see more replies to your posting. I don’t know javascript but it appears to be something that I should learn. I think I read something that said you can call a javascript for InDesign with Applescript. The only reason I remember this is because there was a reference to “ExtendScript Toolkit”. Unfortunately, I can’t find the reference I think I remember. I may have been upgrade information when I went from CS to CS2.

“ExtendScript Toolkit” appears to be a javascript development application that gets installed in your Utilities directory. But as I mentioned above, I don’t know javascript. I wish I could be more help.


You can run javascripts by installing the scripting component: