running a script from a web page

I’ve just starting using applescipt so am quite new to it and would like to use it for one of my current projects.

I’ve made a MySQL front end using dreamweaver and allows the users to add new people and records to a patients database. A user is scanning documents onto the machine and then adding the entries to the database using the front end I made. I want to create a button or a link that can be used to trigger an applescript for sorting the scanned image files into the correct folder and name for the database to be able to view them using the front end. Is there any way of doing this?

Basically, can you run an applescript from a web page or using php or apache? Please Help!

Thanks in advance


You’ll need to create an applescript, save it as an application, then configure it as a protocol helper. You can get started by doing a search for “protocol helper”, where I found the following posts and more…

Essentially, you create an app, that after being installed will register with the system as an application that handles a particular protocol. You pick the protocol… such as “yoyo”… and then you register as the recipient of that protocol so that whenever a url is sent to that protocol, you app picks it up… such as “yoyo:action=walkthedog&skill=easy”. It’s not terribly complicated, but it does take a bit of extra work.