running a script when folder has been duplicated

hi everyone!

I was wondering if there was a way to code a small script so when a certain folder is duplicated (via right click:duplicate) that the duplicate is moved to a folder called “Backups”

hope this is possible

  • Hendo:)


wouldn’t it be easier, to right click OnMyCommand, which triggers a script,
which duplicates and moves the folder directly

handy! thanks:cool:

You can do this in Automator.

Use the ‘Copy Finder items’ from the ‘Finder’ Actions
Set your folder and other options.
Save as a plugin for Finder Name it Duplicate.

Now you can control click on your folder you want to dupe.
Go down to the List to Automator and across to the New Duplicate menu.

You folder will be duplicated into the folder you set.