Running a shell script on a bunch of folders

I have a set of terminal commands to change the owner, the group and the mod that I would like to do on a bunch of folder that contain a specific name like “ARCHIVES”. I don’t know if I could do it only with a Unix command in the terminal or if I should try to script it, or even if I should put it in a a cron table. How would I go about doing it with scripting is the part where you guys come in though:-)

So any help with this would be appriciated, thanks!


could you explain the situation a little more eg. where the archive folders are and where the users folders come into it as there is quite a few ways to do this.

I’m trying to setup a Server (10.4.5) running AFP that has a Sharepoint called Graphistes. In that folder there are many folders and one is named Archives. (This has changed since my previous post, but I’ll keep my request in the same thread since it’s basicaly the same problem I have). I need to remove any ACL in each folder within that Archives folder. The sudo chmod -R -a# 0 doesn’t work far ALL folders, but only the first degree or two. I get the message “there is no ACL on that folder, bla bla bla”. I need to do a script that will run sudo chmod -R -a# 0 on all folders recursivly either by drag and drop on an applet or just a simple script I could run and it would ask what folder to execute that command on all subfolders.

Thanks for any input on this.