Running an Applescript when CD is inserted

I am a new Mac user and would like to create a CD that once inserted will open a pdf file within Adobe Acrobat Reader (on CD as well). I have written a script that opens Reader and the pdf file but can not figure out how to have it execute when the CD is first put in. Right now the user must click on the script to run it. I am burning the cd in PC hybrid mode in Toast because the discs need to be cross-platform. Thanks for any help you may be able to offer me.

I think it’s possible to do this on the Windows side, but I’m not aware of
any way to do it with AppleScript. In my opinion, prudent users wouldn’t
want any type of application launching automatically anyway. Maybe you
can make it so that the only visible option they have is to run the script?

Hi there,
There is some low-level mechanism that Apple has to auto execute applications upon disk insertion but it is strongly advised not to do so.
I have never seen it documented either.
Therefore Rob’s suggestion is the best and the safest; you may however try to contact Apple.
Eelco Houwink

You can use Toast ( ) CD-ROM wrting software ( will do Hybrid Mac / Windows CD’s too ) to “AutoRun” any Macintosh file or application upon insertion of the CD such as an Applescript file. AppleScript must be installed and functional, though, of course.
And, for the “AutoPlay” of your CD to work, the user’s machine must have their “QuickTime Settings” Control Panel “AutoPlay” Tab “Enable CD-ROM AutoPlay” “ON” or checked.
Depending on what you are trying to do, you may find that it is a whole lot easier to just run a custom installer program ( like Mindvision VISE ) than writing a complex Applescript and it is not dependent on AppleScript components being installed nor dependent on the “AutoPlay” QuickTime settings. Mindvision Installer VISE makes it easy to search for files, etc. In fact, that MicroSoft “Self-Healing” software just used a Installer VISE Installer to search the Extensions folder and to place the files stored in the installer code there.
Mindvision does have a free or low cost “Lite” version, too, if you qualify. They also make an excellent Windows Installer ( good-bye InstallShield-- yuck!!! )
What is it you want to run when the CD-ROM is inserted? An Installer? Please give us more of an idea of what you want to do…
Bryan Wilson

Just use Toast’s ability to autostart whatever file you indicate. Applescript isn’t the answer to your quest in this case.