Running Applescripts on "find" windows.

Hello Applescript masters. I’m trying to sort through thousands of files and run a simple “replace text in item name” default applescript to them. One problem, I can only view the files I need to change when I use “find”. The resulting window shows all files I need to change but I cannot run the applescript on the window that find uses. Is there a way to run applescripts on “find” windows or will this happen in “Tiger”. I need them to stay in there parent folders. I was reffered to a application called “Big Cat” which allows me to use the contextual menu but I cannot copy & paste the default applescript into Big Cat and have it work. It simply doesn’t work correctly. I’ve struggled for days to try to create my own script but I simply don’t have the knowledge or vocabulary to successfully do it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Maximilian

I don’t know how you get the list of files in the front-most find results window. You could drag the results to another folder but hold down the command and option keys so the original file stays put and an alias is created for each of the files in the drag. Then you can process the alias files in a script.

There’s a faster/better way, though. There’s this great renaming utility called Name Those Files. I think the guy who wrote it hangs out here so he may have some advice for you, but you can get a demo of his util from

and then select “Name those files”.

This thing is so good it’s ridiculous. Basically, it will do the “find” for you and apply the renaming rules you specify. It’s so much faster and easier than writing your own scripts.