Running Applications or Applications Processes

Hi! I have simple question. I want to script something that will tell me which applications is open(running, processes (I don’t know which term is the best)). Example: I have FileMaker Pro open I wantknow when I run a script if this application is open or not. If it’s “true” the script stop and if"false" the script continue.This is really simple. :slight_smile:

But I want a simple answer. Please tell me if this is possible WITHOUT SCRIPT ADDITIONS. I saw “SweetSuite” but I don’t want that. I’m sure this is possible without "Scripting Additions " but I don’t know how!
Thank you very much in advance…Frédéric Côté

try something along the lines of:

tell application "Finder" to get every application process whose creator type is "FMP3"
if (count of the result) > 0 then
-- do stuff
-- don't do stuff
end if

(the version of FileMaker I have (4.03) has a creator type of FMP3 - this may be different for other versions of FileMaker, but the advantage of testing for the creator type rather than the name of the application is that people can easily rename their applications, which could stop your script from working - the creator type won’t change (unless the developers change it - in which case scripts will probably have to be slightly rewritten anyhow).