Running on remote using "of machine" - Dialog Halts Script


I’m using the tell application "Finder" of machine... on OS 10.4 to communicate with computers that have OS 9.03 - 9.22. So far things are working fine, and I’m able to launch things on multiple OS 9 machines.

My problem is if any kind of dialog is displayed on the OS 9 machine it halts the execution of the AppleScript I want to run. So if a dialog is already up the apple script application I’m launching on the target machine opens (I see it’s name centered in the top bar in the middle) but it doesn’t do anything until the dialog goes away.

What I need to know is if there is any way to make my AppleScript run even though a dialog is open from another application? I found a program called “Okey Dokey Pro” which is supposed to clear the dialog after a certain amount of time… But I don’t want to clear the dialog.

An example of a dialog would be from a kids game called “Math Shop Deluxe” which has an auto run that opens a dialog with the logo in it and a “Play” and “Cancel” button. This dialog would prevent me from launching any more AppleScripts until I hit “Cancel”.

Also: With “DiskCopy” (on OS 9) is there a way to mount an “.img” volume, but prevent the auto run from running?

Thanks :),


Hi Luke

Apple disabled scripting addition commands that put up a user interface
from operating remotely (in Tiger).

I can’t change the operating systems of any of the machines because (a) they are to old, and (b) we don’t have the budget.

Maybe I didn’t explain what I’m trying to do. On Mac OS 9 if a dialog box from another application is up, it seems to halt an Apple Script application until the dialog is cleared. This includes when I’m running AppleScripts remotely from a Panther machine to an OS 9 machine. What I’m trying to do is keep my AppleScripts from halting on the OS 9 machines so I don’t have to go to each one and get rid of the dialog. I could use Okey Dokey Pro to clear the dialogs in X amount of seconds, but I don’t want it happening on all of the dialogs.