Running script in "hidden" mode.

Is there some way to run an AppleScrip script in what I call “hidden” mode, that is, that the runnig application does not apper in the dock (or pressing command-tab)?

Perhaps this question is for every application kind, not only AppleScript applications.


Hi Sygn,

You can do this with an Applescript Application Bundle. It’s easier than it looks here.

  1. Save your script as an Application Bundle.

  2. In the Finder Control-Click the appliaction and choose Show Package Contents from the contextual menu. This will open a new window with one folder called Contents, open this. In here is a file called Info.plist, open this. If you have Developer Tools installed this will probably open in the Property List Editor. If not it’ll open in a text editor.

  3. If you use the Property List Editor you need to make a key LSUIElement with a string value of 1. If it opens in a text editor you should add these two lines:


just below the line that says
After you have added the key, save and close the editor.

  1. For some reason, you will need to move the application to another folder and then back for the Finder to catch on to what’s happening.

When you then run the script application it should now be a background applicaion.

I hope this helps.

John M

Thanks !!! It works fine !! :slight_smile:

Hi guys.

For a simple way to achieve something similar with a regular applet, you might also like to check out the discussion towards the end of this topic. :slight_smile:

Thanks Kai,

I hadn’t come across Drop Script Backgrounder before.

John M