running Smile from Script Editor


i have a couple of questions re: Smile

  1. can Smile be run from the Mac OSx script editor?

some things seem to work, others not.

( i prefer the OSx script editor as it provides running event logs and results - great for debugging)

  1. what is the lowdown on graphing?

the script at the following link worked in Smilelab, but not Smile.

is it intended that graphs can be script generated in Smile? ( the documentation is not so clear on this and I can’t justify the $US300 academic price just to make graphs )

  1. Finally, are there any alternatives to SmileLab (at a more reasonable price)

thanks in advance


additional to the above question about Smile, I have another,

since installing smilelab i have noticed an annoying little glitch in how things are running from the script editor and was wondering if you had heard of it before.

when i issues a command such as:

print “hello world”

i get an error message stating that the file “hello world” can not be printed. prior to installing smilelab I was able to use the (print "text " & variable) command to get returned info in the event log which was useful for checking the data flow.

for some reason this is now not possible.

admittedly it may have nothing to do with smilelab, but thought it worth asking all the same.

does anyone have any idea what the problem could be ???

thanks in advance


found an answer to my own question.

an alternative to Print “text” & x_var in described in this link

set x to 2

log "x is equal to " & x

this works fine, but i would still like to know why the Print statement now tries to Print a file rather then text & variable to the log?

any one have an idea?