S-L-O-W Script menu

Does anyone know a fix for this?

On OS 10.3.9, when I click on the Script menu, it often takes a couple of minutes (really!) to open, after an extended technicolor pizza wheel. Got RAM, Got Disk space.

I do have a large collection of Quark scripts, which I alias to the scripts folder (since my Quark Script menu keeps disappearing… but is that another topic, or a related one?)

Appreciate any suggestions…


Things that take this long are often related to network actvivity. Could clicking on the menu be causing your computer to need to access to your network?

Have you tried removing your scripts from the menu and seeing if the menu speed problems go away? If they do go away, then you could put half back and try the menu again. Then put some back and remove others until you find the script that’s causing the problem.

I don’t think there’s network activity in any of the scripts I usually use, but some of the samples Apple supplies might. I’ll try this out this weekend. Thanks for your response.


Another alternative for $15 or so is FastScripts which does its search when it opens. If you have a large number of scripts, you might be waiting for the Scripts folder to find them all (the way the Script Editor takes forever to find a dictionary if you have a lot of apps).

Thanks. I’ll give FastScripts a shot. :slight_smile:


Hi George - I’m the developer of the FastScripts utility that Adam was kind enough to suggest.

I’d be curious to know whether FastScripts gives you better performance in this case. It was in fact one of my original motivations for writing FastScripts, to make the menu more responsive. I should point out that FastScripts does do a complete rescan of the scripts folder everytime you pop down the menu, but it happens so quickly you shouldn’t notice it. In the odd case where it is noticeable (usually no slower machines), I offer a preference in FastScripts to disable that scan.


Hi Daniel

I’ve been trying out FastScript for about a week now (well, not during Turkey Day :slight_smile: ) and it does seem much more agile. I do notice that with an alias to the Quark Scripts folder, there is no hierarchical menu to open individual scripts, so that may have been part of my main issue?

I will try option-dragging the Quark scripts from the Quark folder to the new home in Library and see what happens. Since that is my bulkiest Script collection (4.9Megs worth…), I wouldn’t be shocked if that produced a speed hit.


I have nearly 2000 scripts (which, I admit, could be culled), and I have organized them into folders (and even sub-folders) in my Scripts folder. FastScripts shows those as folders in its drop down menu, and when hovering over one, shows the contents in a hierarchical menu, including any interior folders which will again produce a hierarchical menu. Try it, you’ll like it. Also, selecting one of the folder icons opens a Finder window for that folder so you can make changes.

Finally, FastScripts has a forum to which Daniel is very responsive.

Tied up in a big Acrobat project now, but I will try moving and testing the Quark scripts move once I have a moment. (No clue how many Quark scripts I have, lost count. Could do a WalkFolders and find out, I suppose…)

Best wishes,