Safari: Email Web quote to someone

Highlight some text on a Web page and this scriptlet will open a mail message, insert the selected text in quotes, put the URL in the message below the quote and set the subject line as “Web Quote”. You fill in the address like normal and send. If you want to set up the workflow hardcoded to send the quote to yourself or someone else, change “” (keep the quotes) to the address you’d like to send to and delete all the double dashes in the script, except the first set. (Requires UI scripting enabled.)

--Email Web quote to someone
tell application "System Events"
tell application "Safari" to activate
tell process "Safari" to keystroke "c" using command down
keystroke "i" using command down & shift down
delay 1
--keystroke ""
keystroke tab
keystroke tab
keystroke "Web Quote"
keystroke tab
keystroke "v" using shift down & command down
keystroke return
--keystroke "d" using command down & shift down
--delay 1
--keystroke "h" using command down
end tell