Safari-forms and OttoMate

I have html-form with this code:

Current settings are:

Get Current Webpage from Safari

Ask for Text

“Set value for form element with name namehere”
“in form with name” and “to” are empty.

It works only if i type text to “to”-field. How i can automatically input text to “to”-field from previous action such as “Ask for Text” and others?

How this could be done using AppleScript?

Similar problem:

I have this code:

1 2 ...


“Set value for form element with name thumb”
“in form with name 1”
“to” is empty. How i can get this field filled automatically from previous action. Now i get javascript error in Safari.


This will probably require UI scripting. I have an automator app that will enable it:

This gets a little tricky and will require you to use it to custom navigate your form. Apple’s basic tutorial on UI Scripting is here:

This is not hard to learn and very useful.


Thanks for help. UI scripting looks interesting, but since i’m not programmer i didnt understand that stuff.

I tried to do this using OttoMate, which should do this. UI scripting examples in apple was about controlling applications menus, but i dont understand how i control dropdown menu in webpage.