safari print action

here is a series of tasks i’d like to automate:
1- type in a Stock Symbol into an automator field or something, automator builds a folder with the Stock Symbol as it’s name then passes the stock sym name to safari
2- have safari navigate to[i]stock symbol here[/i]
3- automator would print the page to a PDF file
4- automator would name the pdf file [Stock Symbol]_001.pdf or 002, 003… etc in a sequence
5- automator would find the link titled “Next” and go to that link
6- automator would repeat process of steps 3-5 until there is no next button which would terminate this loop
7- after the loop is finished, automator would take the pdf files in the folder and would combine pdf files to one master file

A- Is it even possible with automator? or would i need another scripting program?
B- any suggestions on building this automator/scripting piece?
C- Would someone be able to build this? how much?

i’ve at least got some parts done…
1- i can tell safari to download url as pdf
2- i can combine pdf’s

one place i’m getting stuck is making safari advance thru the “Next” link. so far i’ve done the following steps:
1- get current web page from safari
2 get link url’s from web pages (only in same domain as starting page)
3- filter urls that contain “> Next ”
4- display web pages

item 3 seems to not work

Automator doesn’t support looping.

BTW, I deleted your double post. Let me know if you’d rather move this thread to the “AppleScript | OS X” forum.

where do you think it would be best answered… sorry, fairly new with both automator and applescript?