Safari Tip for Applescripts

In Safari, you can highlight the entire text (or any part) of a script that is on this BBS, then use the Key Combo – “Shift+Apple+8” to execute the selected script. Example…

say "Hello MacScripter's"

say “Howdy MacScripter’s” using “Trinoids”

All three of the above scripts execute on my machine. (Mac OS X 10.2.6 – AppleScript 2.0b v20 – System Events 1.2 – Safari 1.0) This should work on any web page that has scripts posted. It doesn’t work for scripts that are in forms, so Code Exchange is out of luck on this one.


It uses Script Editor 2’s services. It works in TextEdit and other Cocoa apps too. Handy! :slight_smile: