I work in the publishing industry and have developed a number of time saving solutions for my employer
using Applescript and sometimes Filemaker

I find myself in the position of now writing Applescripts full time for the company I work for.
I formerly was a production artist with the company.

My salary has not increased.
I have no idea on what salary to negotiate now

So my question is:
Has anyone been in this position.
What ratio of salary increase should I expect from my previous position.

Sounds like you feel that a full-time AppleScripter should be paid more than a full-time production artist, but you don’t explain why you think so. It has to be more than just “because the others can’t do it”. You’re making the other production artists more productive, but your efforts have to increase the productivity of the others sufficiently to cover the loss of your efforts as a production artist. If that’s the case and you can measure it, i.e. the same group + you are now handling more with you as a scripter than they did with you in production, then that’s the basis for a salary discussion IMHO.

I disagree with the previous poster, you are now an IT professional and should reasonably expect to recieve a salary that is comperable to someone who is working in that field.

But you disagree without data. I would have thought that production artwork paid rather well and was assuming that those with skill and talent were as scarce as good “IT professionals”. I know a guy who’s a PhotoShop genius who earns more than another friend of ours who’s an IT professional at a university.

I need to move to Canada. In Dayton, Ohio production is usually starts out around $10/hour USD. When I started in Production I was paid $7.50 in 1994.

In my experience in the industry (Graphic Arts) “Production Artist” is quite different than a “Production” position. To me, “Production” refers to a (possibly) unskilled manufacturing position.

Ironically, I moved away from Dayton, Ohio 10 years ago to get a better (paying) job in Graphic Arts.

back to the original topic:

I made this switch (from production) about a year ago. I don’t think a “ratio” is appropriate. For one, we have no idea what you were paid as a “production artist.” As Jerome said, you are now an IT worker. I do web stuff and Applescript automation myself. My title is “Application Developer”. Do a salary search for that to get a ballpark and then setup a meeting with your supervisor.

Just my $.02