Same app, different Macs, different results

I have an Xcode-developed AppleScript droplet called, say, myApp. I insert log calls at the top of will finish launching, awake from nib, launched, and open handlers, which are called in that order. I place myApp and my dropped target file myFile on a server volume.

Watching the console log, I drop a file onto the myApp icon and I see all these “got here” messages.

Good so far.

I go to another Mac console, remove any vestige of myApp that may be around, empty the trash, and reboot. I mount the server volume, drag myFile onto myApp, and nothing is being logged to the console window. My on idle routine is reached, however. It’s as though these handlers aren’t reached, though, which is my real problem.

The reason I say that is, I don’t really care about the console. What I care about is I’m setting a global variable “stuffWasDropped” to false in will finish launching, and then I set it to true in the open handler. This is how I tell whether or not myApp was started with a file being dropped onto it, or whether it was started some other way (namely from a VBasic shell command from within an Excel macro).

Both Macs are running 10.4.6. Can anyone suggest why the same app (not even different copies of the app!) runs differently at two stations? Is there a plist file I should trash at the second one, maybe? Thanks very much…

  • Dan

Did you set the Active Build Configuration to “Release” before cleaning and rebuilding the app?

Bruce -

Ya know, I’m not sure. Somewhere in the middle of the development of this thing I switched from Debug to Release but I don’t recall just when that was. This was two months ago, of course, and the resolution of it was that the it ended up working fine on the Macs where it was ultimately intended to run, but still not on that other “test” Mac. Hopefully the Active Build Configuration was the reason, which I’ll certainly file away for future reference.

Thanks for responding…

= Dan