Sandboxing and standardUserDefaults

Hi everyone,

Sanboxing makes me crazy.
I am fighting my way through but have one remaining question.

I save preferences in the stand user defaults in a plist file (User/Library/Preferences/com.myname.appname.plist).
This does work perfect if I have sandboxing disabled.

If I turn on sandboxing, my preferences do still get saved, but somewhere else I guess or with another name.
I searched through the entire folder but couldn’t find my plist.

Any idea where this gets put when sandboxing an app?

Thanks in advance.



the data of sandboxed apps are located in ~/Library/Containers/[bundle identifier]/Data


My PLIST gets stored here:

:slight_smile: crazy path… but exactly what I needed to know.

Just remember that you don’t have to figure in your app these paths. Just do as you would without sandboxing. The OS will figure out the correct paths for you. Knowing where it is located is only needed if you need to manually access files stored within it.

Browser: Safari 6533.18.5
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.7)

yeah - that’s what I thought. I just needed to know where it is to delete the file for testing purpose :wink:
thx for your hint though.