Save a message in Mail as a PDF

My goal is to be able to quickly save as a PDF any message in Mail “ Outlook let me do it with a right-click, but apparently not Mail.

As I browse this site’s archive, I read the following information in a post dated 2008-05-14

[i]The basic problem of print automation in Apple Mail is the absence of the «print without print dialog» command. Normally this command conveniently enables you to print documents using AppleScript without invoking the print dialog, but Apple Mail does not yet offer it.
¨¨Another problem is, that you cannot directly print Apple Mail’s message file format (*.emlx) from the Terminal, which would allow for an alternative automation approach (every eMail message has a unique ID that is also its file name).¨¨

Therefor my solution was to export all information available in an email message to another format (HTML/TXT) and then to print this new format into PDF using cups-pdf* and an application that allows for automatic printing (like Safari or TextEdit).[/i]

Four years later, has the situation changed?
Is there a simple way to make a PDF out of a Mail message by scripting either Mail 5.2 or Adobe Acrobat Pro 10.1.3 ?
If not, is there a recognized “best practice” to achieve the intended result ?

Thank you to the original contributor, and thanks in advance for all subsequent help! W.

Better late then never as they say.

Copy the message to a variable
startup pages or word
copy variable to a document
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