Save As Uncertified in Acrobat

Hi all,

i’m working on a script that saves a PDF file (which is Certified with Pitstop) as a PDF file that is Uncertified. So when a PDF is open in Acrobat, i want to do a “Save As” and then Acrobat(actually Pitstop) comes up with an popup asking which option to choose (“Copy and Save”, “Certified Full Save”, “Save Uncertified Copy”). How can i choose the last option?

To begin with i just want to save an already open PDF:

tell application "Acrobat 6.0.2 Professional"
   tell document 1
      save to (((path to desktop as string) & "name.pdf") as file specification)
      --here's that optiondialog where i want to choose "Save Uncertified Copy"
   end tell
end tell

In the end i want to make a hotfolder, which Acrobat watches and does the actions described above.

Is it possible to choose that option? It’s more difficult because of the Pitstop plugin asking if i want to save certified etc.etc and not Acrobat…i know it’s a bit confusing, but for the ones using Acrobat combined with Pitstop, probably will know what i’m talking about…

Thnx for any hints! 8)

System: Mac OSX 10.3.3, Acrobat 6.0.2 Professional

anyone??? :rolleyes: