Save for web in PS

You know how in photoshop you can do a “Save for web”? When I save an image as a .jpg usig this fuctionality it makes a much smaller file then when I save the same file as a .jpg from the regular photoshop “Save as” option. The same file that is about 20kb from photoshop .jpg is about 2kb in the “Save for web” option.

Does anyone know how to script this “Save for web” option? I’ve looked at ImageReady, but didn’t see much of a dictionary in it.

Any ideas? Thanks for your help in advance,

Using the search function of this board for the words “photoshop save for web” would have resulted in this thread in which I provided a solution.


I did do a search for “Save for web” and I didn’t read that result since it was titled “Photoshop duplicate current document”. Even if I read it I would have stopped after seeing that it did infact ask how to “duplicate a document”.

Sorry I didn’t read all 25 results of the search before posting…they didn’t seem to fit what I was looking for.

It appears that perhaps you don’t understand how the search feature for this board works. In the search query box, enter “photoshop save as web” (no quotes). Click “Search for all terms”, display results as posts and leave everything else as it is set by default. If you had done this before you posted (and my subsequent replies which have now added 5 posts to the list that match the query), you would have received 2 posts and seen the solution right away.

Sorry if this sounds preachy, this isn’t a knock against you, specifically, but there have been thousands of posts on this board and most likely, a topic such as this has been covered–and it’s all in the database for you.