save out an xml file using Late Nights XML applescript tools

what is the correct way to save out an xml file using Late Nights xml tools.
I keep getting same error

Can’t make file “Atom:Users:aer:Documents:scripts:Podcasts:podcast_info.xml” into type Unicode text.

–generate xml

set theXML to {XML standalone:true, XML encoding:¬
“ISO-8859-1”, XML version:“1.0”, XML tag:“root”}






(generate XML theXML with including XML declaration and generating UTF8 without byte order mark and pretty printing) save as file “Atom:Users:aer:Documents:scripts:Podcasts:podcast_info.xml”

Not sure I understand what you’ve got going on here. Are you trying to pass that long XML text string to the generate XML command? If so, that’s probably the problem (I can’t be certain since I haven’t used the XML Tools too much). From what I understand of the addition is that you pass XML records that conform to XML Tool’s format to the generate XML command.

And XML document record looks like this (except for the empty XML contents):

{class:XML document, XML tag:“xmlFile”, XML contents:{}, XML doctype name:“document”, XML doctype systemid:“file://xmlFile.dtd”}

In the XML contents would go all the XML elements of the XML document record. An XML element record looks like this:

{class:XML element, XML tag:“subTag”, XML contents:{“subTag Contents”}}

To get a much better idea of what the generate XML command expects, use the parse XML command on an XML file. For me, I like to avoid all the fuss of typing the whole record each time I want to make a new element so I use a handler and pass it the tag and the contents.

on prepXMLData(theKey, theValue) -- theKey = tag; theValue = XML contents
	set templateData to {class:XML element, XML tag:"", XML contents:{}}
	set XML tag of templateData to theKey
	set XML contents of templateData to theValue
	return templateData
end prepXMLData

i have some data that has been grabed from user input that is what the a_date, a_scripture, a_time, a_title, a_description are. How do i encorperate them into the parse so that in the save the variables will be included?

thanks for the help.