Save Outlook Attachment with Original Creation (or Modification) Date

AppleScript script to Save MS Outlook Attachments Including their Original Creation or Modification Dates in the File Name (On a Mac Computer): I would like to have the script save the attachment so that its file name includes the original date of creation (or modification) of the document (Not the date when I received the attachment), e.g., This_is_my_document_Originally_Created_on_2020_01_01.pdf. Below is the code I’ve developed so far. Any help would be highly appreciated.

tell application "Microsoft Outlook" set msgs to current messages set myDocumentFolder to POSIX path of (path to documents folder as string) repeat with msg in msgs set this_attachment to attachment of msg set subj to subject of msg set msgSubject to subj as string set saveToFolder to myDocumentFolder & msgSubject tell application "Finder" if not (exists saveToFolder) then do shell script "mkdir -p " & quoted form of saveToFolder end if end tell save msg in saveToFolder save this_attachment in saveToFolder end repeat end tell

Model: MacBook Pro 2016
AppleScript: 2.11 (208) (AppleScript 2.7)
Browser: Safari Version 14.0.3 (15610., 15610)
Operating System: macOS 10.14