Save PDF in Photoshop CS3

I am trying to open PDF in Photoshop CS3 and to save as PDF with options.
I can open the file with options, save as JPEG with options but I can not save as PDF with options. I get this error “Adobe Photoshop CS3 got an error: Invalid enumeration value”
What am I doing wrong here?

This is my script:

	open alias inputfile as PDF with options {class:PDF open options, height:percent 100, width:percent 100, mode:CMYK, resolution:100, constrain proportions:true} showing dialogs never
	set myFile to "myFile" as file specification
	set myOptions to {class:PDF save options, color conversion:yes, down sample:none, embed color profile:yes, encoding:JPEG high, PDF compatibility:PDF 13}
	save current document in myFile as PDF with options myOptions

I have tried few other version but none have been successful. If I use “save as JPEG with options myJPEGoptions” that works fine.
Any idea?

Best regards


Having a quick look at this i’d say that some of the properties in the PDF save options aren’t working!
I’ve only got Photoshop CS but still got the Enumeration error, to resolve it i cleared out the properties and added them one at a time to gain which
one was working and which threw up the error, quite a few errored!!

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the help.
I tried several versions of the options list and still got the error even if I cleard out the properties chapter.
So I changed the save as PDF to save as Photoshop PDF and everything works fine.
Minor details…! :smiley:
Best regards