Save Reference Movie in Quicktime

Hi guys,

this is my first posting for applescript. I’ve be working with it for a few weeks now, and this recent issue has me stumped.
I cannot find any documentation (other than the sparse dictionary information) on Quicktimes “save reference movie” command.
I was previously using system events, however I do not want the script to require exclusive access to the GUI…

My script just opens a movie in quicktime, then attempts to save reference to it, into a new file on the filesystem.

However, when I come to save the reference movie, I just get errors.
I get complaints about “cant find file”, “cant convert type” etc etc, with every permutation I have tried.
I cannot decipher the syntax either…
does ‘save reference movie file “a” to alias “b”’ mean than it will save a reference to the movie “a” into the file “b”, or view versa?
can anybody give me some insight on the way this command it supposed to work?

Any help would be greatly appreciated - I dont want to have to rely on system events…


  • Adam