Save txt doc or…

Hi peps,

two things first!

  1. heres the easy one, I am new to all this apple scripting etc so any one know of good links or books to getting to grips with apple scripting etc, really simple first steps upwards really so I can get to grips easily but efficiently etc

2)NOW for this one. I am looking to create a simple app, using the apples bluetooth, that simply uses the discovery process to display the info and then save this info to a txt file or even to a db locally.

Now I have had a look at the bluetooth discovery Example with the examples, and this is great for part of what I am after, but I would like to know how then to save to a txt doc /database(apache) ect.

If someone could possible help this would be a brilliant starter etc with ideas or links etc

Many Thanks si

Model: iBookG4 and a G5
AppleScript: Xcode 2.4.1
Browser: Safari 419.3
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

I have managed to get to the actual display window, with in the interface builder of the BluetoothInquiryExample, but how would I find how it gets the info from etc. Also I see the code in this example is not the applescript I am learning but I believe its something called Object-C??. In the the interface builder when i click on the display, i see a few classes etc and believe its the NSMatrix class etc but do not know how to access this etc. I beleive i need to access these etc to able to write to a file etc

Any help/tuts building my own bluetooth inquiry program would be good etc as would give a better insight

thanks si