Save web pages of this website

I m using Safari 3.1 and Mac OS 10.5.4. What is the best way to save the web pages of this website so that they can be viewed offline just the way they are viewed online?
web archive and page source view mess up with the alignment and take away the colours. PDF format messes up the script when it is copied and pasted. Also, “open this script in script editor” does not work in PDF.
Any ideas? I wont mind using a different browser.

In a word… i[b]Cab[/b]

Browser: iCab 4.2.5
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)

Thanks, Tom_X. iCab indeed does what i wanted. I assume you meant that i should save files in web archive (ZIP) format. (There is a web archive (Safari) too but it is same as saving in web archive from Safari). Only drawback seems to be that pages with this format seem to open only in iCab. Am i right?

Yes Chris, they only open in iCab. iCab is my default browser so it’s okay with me. It’s faster then Safari and if you encounter a problem, Alexander Clauss is always ready to assist. What other browser offers you that kind of help? rhetorical…none.


Browser: iCab 4.2.5
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)

Not many browsers charge money either

True… and Safari is one of the browsers we all paid for. :lol:

This is really not the place to debate about browsers. I am glad you pointed me a browser which saves web pages exactly as they are and no matter how poorly i think of iCab at the moment, i am going to be using a lot for saving web pages until i find something better.

You’re right. This is my last post on this thread.

I just read that Firefox will save a very good web archive. I hope it’s true.
Good luck.

I will stick with iCab. I am trying to write an applescript to save the current webpage of iCab.
I have looked at several threads in this forum regarding saving web pages in Safari. In all cases, that i have seen, no attempt has been made to get proper name for the web page saved.
I have written a script based on what i have seen in this forum–a pre-decided name for the file or sometimes a random number.

set ifolder to "1:Users:chris:Desktop:"
set the filepath to ifolder & "a.icabarchive"
tell application "iCab"
	save document 1 in filepath
end tell

Is it impossible to get the name of file like the name which is visible when we click the “Save as” button from the File menu? (please, give a solution which does not involve UI scripting, i can do that)
Thanks in advance.

ok, i googled and found a way out. It works but an error “missing value” is seen after the script is run thought the web page is created correctly. Can someone help?

set ifolder to "1:Users:chris:Desktop:"

tell application "iCab"
	set filename to name of document 1
	save document 1 in ifolder & filename
end tell

If iCab is set to save files as web archives, it’s not going to change.
So this simple script should do the trick.

tell application "iCab" to activate
tell application "System Events" to tell process "iCab"
	keystroke "s" using {command down}
	keystroke "d" using {command down}
	keystroke (ASCII character 13) -- or -- keystroke return 
	delay 0.5
	keystroke (ASCII character 13)
	delay 0.5
		keystroke "." using {command down} -- in case it's a duplicate
	end try
end tell


Thanks again, Tom. But probably, you did not read my earlier request to provide me a solution which does not involve UI scripting (in post#9). My ultimate goal is to throw in a URL through applescript and have the web page downloaded in some folder without having to open iCab.

Hello ,

Are you looking for something like.

set p2d to POSIX path of (path to desktop folder) & "Incoming HTML"
set myURL to ""

do shell script "cd " & quoted form of p2d & "; curl -s  " & quoted form of myURL & " -O"

yes clemhoff, i m looking for it but not with curl, i want to do it with iCab.