Saving a video loaded into the Quicktime Plugin

Hi all,

Apologies for any really stupid questions - I’m an experienced coder in general, but virtually no experience with AppleScript (and only limited experience with OS X).

What I’d like to do is have a script which when run:

  1. opens a browser window and navigates to a particular website
  2. follows some of the links in that
  3. for each link, wait until the embedded video has fully loaded in Quicktime, then save the movie to a local file (I have QT Pro)
  4. close the browser

(1) and (4) I can probably work out. (2), less sure on, but probably doable (though I wouldn’t turn away suggestions for how to do it). I have no idea on (3) - all the AppleScript examples around seem to focus on the Quicktime application, rather than the plugin. How do I talk to the plugin as loaded by a browser? I don’t particularly mind if the browser’s Firefox, Safari, Opera, or anything - it just needs to work, that’s all. :slight_smile:

(The page I’m trying to process is if that helps people.)

Many thanks for any help!