Saving admin password

Hey guys im in a little bit of a pickle, i have a kernel extension which is loaded with a do shell script but it needs to be performed as a admin.

The problem comes to how i can store the admin password securely so the user does not have to enter the admin password everytime they use it.

I have looked at code like this but i was hoping there was a easier way

Depends on how savy your end users are. Seeing as how mine are not I simply compile the script as run-only application so it cannot be opened in a editor. Now my people also don’t have access to wonderful things like hex editors and if yours do you’ll have a problem.

Sorry I dont have more for you.

Well MultiAlarm is completly open source… so you can that problem

Lets just strip away the encryption bit, how would i retrive the password in a nice elegant matter or does this belong in the Applescript Studio forum

Just thinking out loud - how bout setting the password to some combination of the result of a bizzare mathmatical function and a text string. At least then if they grap the info with a hex editor - they’ll have to still do some mnore work to get the passowrd.

I don’t know - just a thought…

Well as i said its open source meaning they could easily grab the function, but none the less i still need a method to grab the password, i noticed in other apps that use a administrative password they dont make their own password screens