saving and retrieving data from table


Ive been mucking around with the “Table” example in the developer folder on my mac, trying to get the data from the cells to be saved, to a text file that can later be retrieved and re-populated back into the cells, basically a simple data base, I have scanned through macscripter looking at various suggestions and yet cannot make any of them work, can some one please point me in the right direction for a step by step guide or information for a novice to save and retrieve data from the Table example, or even how to do this from scratch.

Is saving to atext file the right way? or would a .plst be better?

I am using the “Without data source” as the “With data source” keeps throwing an error.
“Can’t get every «class datR» of «class null». (-1728)”


found the “on data representation” “on load data representation” does pretty much what im after.