Saving as EPS from Acrobat with colour conversion

Hi All,

I’m having some trouble with a script to automate saving a bunch of PDF files as EPSes. I need it to always save the files with composite colour, but at the moment it’s taking whatever the most recently selected option was (composite colour or greyscale).

This is the code I am using to save the file:

tell application "Adobe Acrobat Professional"
						set binary of EPS Conversion "com.adobe.acrobat.eps" to true
						set postScript level of EPS Conversion "com.adobe.acrobat.eps" to 2
						set embedded fonts of EPS Conversion "com.adobe.acrobat.eps" to true
						set TrueType of EPS Conversion "com.adobe.acrobat.eps" to true			
						save document (pdfonly) to file (neweps) using EPS Conversion
					end tell

I am guessing there is a way to set the “com.adobe.acrobate.eps” color conversion to full colour (CMYK) but I’m not sure of the exact syntax to do this. Can anyone give me a hand?