Saving As... with Acrobat

I am trying to script Acrobat so that I can save a document as a new file name. What commands should I give Acrobat to do this?

So far, I have been able to get the current url from Safari, switch to Acrobat. Select the Download webpage menu item, fill in the url from Safari, and begin downloading. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to coerce Acrobat into saving this new file to disk.

I’ve tried various methods such as:

save to "Mac OS X":Users:joris:Desktop:new.pdf"


do script "myDoc.saveas(myDoc.path)


set newFile to choose file name with prompt "Provide a new name and select a location for " & theDocTitle & " :"
save to newFile

as well as trying GUI scripting -- nothing happens :(

Any suggestions or tips would be most welcome.

Hmm. This should work but is causing me errors at the moment (it is saving the document but with a string of numbers as the name in my temporary items folder):

By the way, what version of Acrobat are you using?


Hi Jon,

I’m using Acrobat 5.0.5.

I tried your code, but Applescript Editor (2.0 Beta) comes back saying that it found a class name instead of an expected end of line. When I take out ‘file specification’, the script doesn’t return an error, but it also doesn’t save a new file to the desktop.


Sorry, it should have been:


I am having the exact same problem though I am using OS 9. I am using the code specified in the previous thread message but I still get no file. Has anyone solved this problem?