Saving In QuarkXPress 5

I am working on converting an old Applescript that was used with Quark 3.31.

For some reason my documents will save but they are corrupt and cannot be re-opened.

This is the code we had used in the past:

set thePathToQXDoc to (thePathToQXDocFolder & theAdNumber & ".QXD")
			tell document 1
				set view scale to fit page in window 
				save in thePathToQXDoc as "XDOC" without template
			end tell

The items in the above have all been assigned values either as you see or earlier in the script. If I stop the script before the “save in” command, I can manually save it and it is just fine. Any one with any ideas?


In 4.11 I use the following line to save a quark doc:

	save document 1 in {thePath & TheDoc}

This works fine, though I dont have 5.0 to check it out with that version. I dont see why Quark would have changed how it works though.

Thanks for the tip Jerome. It would appear that a number of things have changed with Quark 5 but as I understand it, that is par for Quark.

It seems to be working for me now.