Saving in Soundtrack Pro

Hi all,

I’ve been busy adding a feature to Soundtrack Pro that I really need, namely saving an .aif file wiithout flattening the project that’s currently open. In essence, it’s a question of two GUI operations (select all, new file from selection) and then saving the file. Being new to Applescript though, I can’t figure out how to program this last step, and I can’t seem to find a good example online.

From the Soundtrack Pro Applescript documentation, here is the info on the ‘save’ command:

save‚v : Save an object.
save reference : the object for the command
[as Unicode text] : The file type in which to save the data.
[bit depth 16/24/32/8] : Set the bit depth of the saved file.
[bit depth type floating point/integer] : Set the bit depth type (integer or floating point) of the saved file.
[collect source boolean] : Collect the source material with the saved file.
[dither boolean] : Dither the saved file.
[flatten boolean] : Flatten actions in the saved file.
[in alias] : The file in which to save the object.
[render boolean] : Save a render file along with the saved file.
[sample rate 32000/44100/48000/88200/96000] : Set the sample rate in the saved file.

How do I implement this? Is it something like

tell application “Soundtrack Pro”
save document in file destfile with options {as:Wave File}
end tell

because that’s not really working :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance!

Did you find a solution? I’m trying to create a Droplet to save many many .stap files as AIFF.